frequencies for Fears and Phobias

fears and phobias

This program involves some types of fears and phobias are the most common and provides complementary or alternative medicine  through sound healing.

These files play frequencies 73.5 hz, 120.53 hz, which can be used as healing frequencies to treat the most common types of fears and phobias.

Use your speakers or earphones and listen once a day for a maximum of 45 days. That is enough to overcome your fears.





  • You must listen to each desired file for 4 to 6 weeks in order to get its benefits.
  • In the early days of listening, if you feel uncomfortable with the sound of frequencies, lower the volume a little, do not worry, it will lead to the same results.
  • Drink a lot of water after sessions. Drinking water on an empty stomach is highly recommended for more effective results.
  • All audio files that we issue are only suitable for playback through earphones, headphones or stereo speakers. Therefore, the mobile speaker is completely unsuitable for listening.

Turn down the volume to the level you can hear without being annoyed.

Stop Nightmares

Nightmares are most often caused by built-up stress, anxiety, and negative memories. 

Healing frequencies and subliminal messages in this file will help you calm your mind and think positively, especially right before going to sleep, to stop nightmares, sleep much more soundly, and feel significantly more rested in the morning.


Subliminal messages to Stop Nightmares.:

  • I am happy

  • My body is relaxed

  • I dream peacefully

  • I always sleep soundly

  • My mind is focused on positive thoughts

Stop Night Terrors

Playing this file right before going to sleep will help to relax your mind with healing frequencies and subliminal messages. And putting yourself in this state while you become tired and drift off to sleep will help keep your mind happy throughout the night.


Subliminal messages for Night Terrors.:

  • I am at peace

  • My body is relaxed

  • I am full of positive thoughts

  • I am free from stress and anxiety

  • I am letting go of negative memories

Overcome Stage Fright

Do you have a talent that you would love to showcase on stage, but stage fright is stopping you from pursuing your dreams? Overcome stage fright with this file to help you smoothly and calmly perform on stage.


Subliminal messages for Stage Fright.:

  • I thrive under pressure

  • I enjoy being on stage

  • I handle being in front of a crowd well

  • I am a natural performer

  • I look forward to performing on stage

Overcome fear of the ocean

Overcoming your fear of water and fear of the ocean will enable you to splash carelessly at the beach, perfect your swimming skills, and even aid others who may be in trouble in the water. Once you are no longer afraid of the water, you may even find that you want to explore living on the brink of a lake or the ocean or dive into a career in aquatics.

These healing frequencies and subliminal messages will help you overcome fear of water .


Subliminal messages for Fear the ocean.:

  • I like water

  • I enjoy swimming

  • I feel calm in the water

  • I enjoy playing in the water

  • I am a great swimmer

Overcome Fear Of Surgery

Whether your fear of surgery stems from the prospect of receiving anesthesia or a general anxiety about the procedure itself, these healing frequencies and subliminal messages will help you discard your dread so you can move forward with your plans.


Subliminal messages for Fear of Surgery.:

  • I am ready for surgery
  • I am confident in my surgeon
  • I am comfortable in hospitals
  • I like doctors
  • I am safe on the operating table

Overcome Fear Of Snakes

If the thought of snakes sends shivers down your spine and quickens your breath, then use the power of these healing frequencies and subliminal messages to squash your fear of snakes once and for all!


Subliminal messages for fear of snakes.:

  • I like snakes

  • I am in control of my reactions

  • I have overcome my fear of snakes

  • I like watching snakes

  • I am calm around snakes

Overcome trypanophobia

If you suffer from a fear of injections, these healing frequencies and subliminal messages will help you take control of your mind and your life once and for all!


Subliminal messages for trypanophobia.:

  • I am fine with getting an injection

  • I have overcome my fear of needles

  • I can handle receiving injections easily

  • I am in control of my thoughts

  • My mind is relaxed and calm

Overcome Fear Of Heights

Breaking free from your fear of heights with the help of this file. It will reprogram your mind and make you much more naturally relaxed and at ease with heights.


Subliminal messages for fear of heights.:

  • I like heights

  • I am in control of my thoughts

  • I enjoy the view from heights

  • I am calm when I am high up

  • I am relaxed on bridges

Overcome Fear Of Growing Up

These frequencies will help you overcome fear of growing up.


Subliminal messages for fear of growing up.:

  • I am free of my fear of growing up

  • I am free from support from my parents

  • I am confident

  • I support myself

  • I am responsible for myself

Overcome aerophobia

The fear of flying can stop you from visiting family and friends, seeing the world, or even advancing in your career. These healing frequencies and subliminal messages will help you overcome aerophobia and will take you from a timid traveler to a soaring sightseer!


Subliminal messages to overcome aerophobia:

  • I like flying

  • I look forward to taking flights

  • I am naturally positive when flying

  • I am calm when flying

  • I enjoy taking long flights

Overcome cynophobia

If your fear of dogs is keeping you from visiting friends that have dogs, walking in parks where dogs may stray, or otherwise making you anxious, then it is time to overcome your apprehension. These healing frequencies and subliminal messages are designed to condition your mind to feel naturally relaxed and at ease around dogs.


Subliminal messages to overcome cynophobia:

  • I like dogs

  • I think dogs are friendly

  • I enjoy watching dogs

  • I feel safe around dogs

  • I am unfazed by barking dogs

Overcome Fear Of Doctors

These frequencies will help you overcome overwhelming fear and anxiety around doctors and hospitals.


Subliminal messages for Fear Of doctors:

  • I like doctors

  • I enjoy going to the doctor’s office

  • I look forward to speaking with the doctor

  • I am cured of my fear of doctors

  • I am relaxed around doctors

Overcome Fear Of Death

These frequencies will help you overcome overwhelming fear and anxiety around Death.


Subliminal messages for Fear Of Death:

  • I am calm when thinking about death

  • I am free from fear of death

  • I am calm at funerals

  • I can speak easily about death

  • I live life to the fullest

Overcome Fear Of Cancer

If your fear of developing cancer is strangling you and cutting you off from enjoying life, these frequencies will help release you from anxiety.


Subliminal messages for Fear Of Cancer:

  •  am letting go of my fear of cancer

  • I am alive and well

  • I live my life fully

  • I am healthy

  • I am safe around those with cancer

Overcome Fear Of Blood

These frequencies will help you overcome fear of blood.


Subliminal messages for fear of blood:

  • I am comfortable with blood

  • I can look at blood easily

  • I can think about blood rationally

  • I am indifferent to blood

  • I am calm around blood

Overcome Claustrophobia

If you suffer from a fear of confined spaces, then you can take back control of your life. These frequencies will help you overcome Claustrophobia.


Subliminal messages for Claustrophobia:

  •  am always relaxed and at ease

  • I am calm on elevators

  • I am overcoming claustrophobia

  • I am fearless in small spaces

  • I am calm on trains

Overcome Arachnophobia

These healing frequencies and subliminal messages will help you overcome overwhelming fear and anxiety around spiders.


Subliminal messages for anxiety around spiders:

  • I am calm around spiders

  • I accept spiders as just a normal part of life

  • I am cured of arachnophobia

  • I feel safe near spiders

  • My mind is always clear and relaxed

Overcome Agoraphobia

While agoraphobia does encompass the fear of open spaces, it also relates to any space outside the home where someone might experience stress and anxiety. Some people fear the outdoors, while others are uncomfortable in train stations or waiting in lines.
This file will help to overcome agoraphobia


Subliminal messages for agoraphobia :

  • I am safe outside

  • I am confident in public

  • Being outdoors relaxes me

  • I enjoy being in public places

  • I am calm when standing in line

  • I am free to go anywhere

Overcome Social Phobia

Social phobias take control of your mind and keep you from enjoying parties and gatherings the way you should. Take back control and give your phobias the boot by empowering your mind and becoming the social butterfly you deserve to be.

These frequencies will help you overcome Social Phobia.


Subliminal messages for social Phobia:

  • I am relaxed in public

  • I enjoy parties

  • I embrace social situations

  • I thrive in crowds

  • I am confident

Overcome Social Anxiety

Social situations beckon some people with comfort and excitement, while they create feelings of anxiety and fear in others. Embrace crowds and eliminate social anxiety by playing this file regularly.


Subliminal messages for social anxiety:

  • I enjoy being social

  • I am a social butterfly

  • I love meeting new people

  • I enjoy being in a crowd

  • I am very social

  • I seek out others

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- 2 WAV Files, one hour each, one with pure frequencies without music and the other with relaxing music.

- Subliminal affirmations using your voice, language and pronouncing.

- 5X audio subliminals with your voice for the maximum benefit.

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