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Remember .. you are not here to listen to relaxing music, but to pure frequencies for healing, which will totally shift you for the better.

There are many pure frequencies that have been shown to create very specific effects on us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. For example, 45 hertz has been proven to regenerate bones.

Many people use 136.102 hertz as the “OM” frequency in gongs and tuning forks because it is a frequency based on the spinning of the Earth.   Many people are now using the Solfeggio frequencies that were discovered by Joseph Paleo around 2000 (A.D. that is).

They also have some unique numerological synchronicities.  Our brain vibrates at specific frequencies.  Whenever we play frequencies that match one of the brainwave states of delta, theta, alpha and gamma, our brain is entrained into the corresponding brainwave state – normally within one minute.

Programs listed on this page contain the most common usage of pure frequencies and sound therapy to heal the body, soul, and feelings, and includes audio subliminals, which by repeatedly listening, you reinforce those ideas in your subconsciousness.Listen at least an hour a day for 45 days, and they will be your thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs. they will reprogram your deepest thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs surrounding your life.

Change never happens in moments, so give these programs the chance to work.
While mood balancing needs a few minutes, improving skills takes at least a month, and in incurable diseases, improvement will appear within 3 months.


you must use ear phone

This icon means that the file includes binaural beats and you must use ear phones or headphones.

you must use stereo speaker

This icon means that the file includes square waves. These kinds of waves are not suitable for listening, but for direct exposure, so you must use a stereo speaker.

you may either use ear phone or speakers
you may either use ear phone or speakers

These icons mean that the file includes Isochronic tones and you may either use earphones or speakers.

Chakra balancing & healing

While we often think of our bodies and minds as two distinct entities, it turns out they are much more entwined than we might assume. Researchers are continually finding evidence that the brain has a distinct power to manipulate the body’s physiology. 

Chakras balancing & healing

Solfeggio frequencies for healing

These Solfeggio frequencies were believed to profoundly affect the conscious and subconscious mind in order to stimulate healing and promote vitality. Thanks to Puleo’s work and the renewed interest, 

Solfeggio frequencies for healing

basic personal traits

Healing frequencies and subliminal messages in this program will help you improve your personality traits through positive thinking, self esteem, stop self sabotage, self improvement and love your self.

Basic personal traits


As you gain confidence, you will notice that others will respect you and be more attracted to you, you will feel psychologically stronger and more powerful, and you will no longer shy away from new opportunities.


Personal development

This album will help you to acquire the most important personal development skills that can help in your journey to becoming more capable.

Personality improvement

Learning Skills Enhancement

This program will help you to speed up learning and focus, without the need for advice or medicine.

Learning skills enhancement

Weight loss

This free Weight loss program helps you to lose weight and makes you easily accept any diet regime without feeling deprived or bored, with or without medication or surgery.

Frequencies for Weight lose

Fears and Phobias

This program plays frequencies which can be used as alternative or complementary medicine to treat the most common types of fears and phobias.

fears & phobias

Neuropsychiatric disorders

This program plays healing frequencies which can be used as alternative or complementary medicine to treat the most common types of neuropsychiatric disorders like Depression, Anxiety​, Melancholia, Bipolar, etc.

Neuropsychiatric disorders


This program will help you quit many forms of addiction such as, watching pornography, smoking or drug abuse. And to quit many bad habits, like Computer Games Addiction, Overcome Gambling Addiction and Overcome Smoking Addiction.  

Overcoming addiction

get over a bad breakup

This program will help you get over a bad breakup and get rid of bad effects left by your past relationship.

It will also help you build a protective shield around yourself to be more powerful in your future relationships.

Get over a bad breakup


This program will help you gain all the needed skills and abilities to lead a healthy emotional life through Approach Anxiety, Be More Romantic, Extrovert Personality and overcome Commitment Phobia.

Frequencies for Love and Intimacy

sexual enhancement

The goal of this free program is to add some skills necessary for a healthy sex life, such as Enjoy Sex, Impotence Cure and Increase Sex Drive.

Frequencies for Sexual enhancement

Tumors and Cancers

Files in this album contain square waves. The function of these waves is not to be listened by ear, but to touch your skin. You may use ear plugs while playing these files.



Sound healing can help you clear energetic blockages and thus facilitate healing on a physical and mental level.


Fitness & Boxing

If you are hitting the gym, or struggling to, then these are the affirmations you need. These pure frequencies and subliminal audio will help you to get your mindset right before you train.  

Frequencies for Fitness and Martial arts


This album will help you acquire the desired mood, and therefore how to help achieve more balance and calmness.

The healing power of sound therapy paied programs

- Meditation session, which includes the Chakras test and a psychological quiz.

- 2 WAV Files, one hour each, one with pure frequencies without music and the other with relaxing music.

- Subliminal affirmations using your voice, language and pronouncing.

- 5X audio subliminals with your voice for the maximum benefit

100 USD

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