The human brain is divided into several sections, each of them has its own size and function, and the disparity between us in this size also leads to the disparity in our skills, abilities, talents and things that make each of us superior to others. But is the size of the section only what makes this difference?Certainly, the most important thing is the strength of brain activity in this department. For example, laziness in the frontal lobes can result in:

Inability to express language (Broca's Aphasia)

Loss of flexibility in thinking and persistence of a single idea or behaviour (Perseveration)

Inability to focus on a task and to filter out distractions (Attention)

Mood fluctuations (Emotional liability)

Difficulty of problem solving

Reduced motivation, initiation and persistence in activities (Adynamia)

Reduced awareness/insight into difficulties.

The greater the number of active neurons, the greater the amount of oxygen burned, the greater the amount of energy generated from them, and the greater the activity of neurotransmitters, all of this leads to ideal efficiency, excellence, and creativity.

We agree that proper nutrition for the body, exercising in the fresh air, getting adequate rest physically and psychologically, as well as using advanced methods of education will lead to a healthy and creative brain.Research has proven the effect of music and rhythms in improving brain functions, but here we do not use music and rhythms in the usual way, but we use healing frequencies to be stronger and faster in effect and to avoid distracting the listener's thoughts.Each section of the brain has its own frequencies that it creates, so can we stimulate or depress these sections by knowing these frequencies?Fortunately, yes, every organ in the body has its own frequency, and each region of the brain has its own frequencies. If this area goes down, we can reactivate it by exposing it to those frequencies.You can search on Google or YouTube using these words:"Synchronization and tuning fork"

Healing frequencies :

The most files in this program depend on the following frequencies:

  • 10000 hz is related to intelligence and clarity of thought, increasing memory power, improve learning skills, and mental concentration.

  • 40 hz is related to information processing, heightened and gamma brainwave frequency.

  • 35 hz is related to clarity of thought/mental function, stimulating mental clarity.

  • 33.8 hz is related to creative thinking, concentration.

  • 20.8 hz will improve mental functioning

  • 5.4 hz is related to intellectual ability.

  • 6.3 hz is related to memory and increasing retention and improve learning skills 

Brainwave entrainment:

Beta Range, Associated with focused attention towards external stimuli, alert mental activity, normal waking consciousness, & active thought processes.Fully awake, normal state of alertness, stress & anxiety, improve learning skills, Significant improvements in memory, reading & spelling are reported(used to) improve hyperactive behavior,Associated with mental activity like math + planning - alert.



You must listen to each desired file for 4 to 6 weeks in order to get its benefits.

In the early days of listening, if you feel uncomfortable with the sound of frequencies, lower the volume a little, do not worry, it will lead to the same results.

Drink a lot of water after sessions. Drinking water on an empty stomach is highly recommended for more effective results.

All audio files that we issue are only suitable for playback through earphones, headphones or stereo speakers. Therefore, the mobile speaker is completely unsuitable for listening.

This list shows the suggested arrangement of files in this program.
You may not need all of these files, but only some of them. It depends on  subliminal messages in each file.
Read the messages for each file. If it matches your ideas, then you don't need it.
But if those messages are completely different from your thoughts, you need it to program your subconscious mind on those messages.
Just take into account when running these files from the bottom to the top, the files at the bottom are always the basic files, and the ones at the top are the advanced ones.


Turn down volume to the level you can hear without being annoyed

Enhance Perception Skills

Subliminal messages and healing frequencies 10000 hz, 35 hz and 369 hz, will help to increase perception skills, comprehension and all kinds of perception, reading perception, social perception, understanding of others. Picking up the small details.It can be applied to studying new information and can be used for all ages.It also helps adults focus and increase attention.It does not have to be played out loud, just enough to reach the listener's ear.


Subliminal messages to enhance perception skills:

  • I am open to all ideas.

  • I read ideas between the lines.

  • My mind has developed a new level of comprehension.

  • I can break things down into means of understanding.

Stop Daydreaming

Daydreaming is a nice mesmerizing habit to get into, but after a while it starts to ruin your chance at a successful reality. Daydreaming can overcome our sense of responsibility to the point of cutting us off from the real world.This classical music for studying will give you the time machine that will take you to come back to the real world.


Subliminal messages to stop daydreaming:

  • I focus on reality.

  • I listen to my conscientious thoughts

  • I take action in my life.

  • I accept new opportunities.

  • I allow myself to think creatively.

Enjoy School

Enjoying school then is important as enjoying it will allow you to feel good each day about attending class and will help you to focus and enjoy learning the things you are learning.

After around 45 days of listening to these Subliminal messages, you'll get these beliefs and thoughts:


Subliminal messages to enjoy school:

  • I enjoy attending class each day.
  • I am enthusiastic about what I’m learning.
  • I find it easy to stay focused in class.
  • I always make sure I get all my homework done on time.
  • I am extremely focused on passing all my classes.

Improve Concentration

Subliminal messages and healing frequencies will Improve Concentration by blocking out distractions, clearing your mind, and engaging in a powerful thought pattern.


Subliminal messages to improve concentration:

  • I am open to all ideas.

  • I read ideas between the lines.

  • My mind has developed a new level of comprehension.

  • I can break things down into means of understanding

  • I see the hidden motives behind ideas

Mental Clarity

Subliminal messages and healing frequencies will help you to organize your thoughts, activities, responsibilities, and busy schedules, and will allow you to open your mind to new ideas.


Subliminal messages to increase mental clarity:

  • My thoughts are organized

  • I have strong mental clarity

  • I focus on things individually

  • My life is well-balanced

  • I have an even amount of work and play

Enjoy Reading

Reading is very important and learning to enjoy reading is one of the best things you can do for yourself.


Subliminal messages to enjoy reading:

  • I am an avid reader.

  • I have high concentration levels.

  • I am a lover of fiction and non-fiction.

  • I am a fast reader.

  • I am always reading

Improve Memory

Subliminal messages and healing frequencies help you have a great memory. 


Subliminal messages to improve memory:

  • I recall information quickly.

  • I store new facts efficiently.

  • I have a great memory.

  • I am known for my great memory.

  • I have a clear mind.

Photographic Memory

Subliminal messages and healing frequencies will take your memory to the next level. They make it possible for you to remember dates and data so clearly that it is almost as if you have the information right in front of you.


Subliminal messages to increase photographic memory:

  • I easily recall dates
  • I have a photographic memory
  • I picture data clearly
  • I am the go-to person for remembering things
  • I have a reliable memory

Critical Thinking Skills

Subliminal messages and healing frequencies will increase your critical thinking skills, it can help you in studying, working or in daily activities.

It will develop your mind to be more open to new ideas, raise intelligent questions and formulate answers.


Subliminal messages for critical thinking skills:

  • I am a critical thinker
  • I ask the right questions
  • I gather relevant information
  • I interpret information efficiently
  • I always use critical thinking to analyze a situation

Improve Logical Thinking

Subliminal messages and healing frequencies will help you be able to process things easily and logically through mental conclusions.Clearing your head of messy, unwanted thoughts.


Subliminal messages to improve logical thinking:

  • My thought processes are logical.

  • I have a healthy mind.

  • I cleared my mind.

  • I am prone to thinking rationally.

  • Analyzing situations comes easily to me

Improve Math

Math skills are essential for education and daily functions.
This file will allow you to be open to new math ideas.

Subliminal messages to improve math:

  • I am mathematically inclined

  • I am great at math

  • I love math

  • I am a logical thinker

  • I calculate figures easily

Science Study Skills

By listening to this file every day, you will have better science study skills. You will be more disciplined, have better focus, increase your memory.


Subliminal messages to increase science study skills:

  • I understand science and have the necessary skills to study it.
  • I am very good at studying science.
  • I have good science study skills.
  • I am highly interested in science.
  • I look forward to studying science.

Increase Focus

Staying focused is the key to finishing tasks, completing projects, and remaining motivated.
This classical music will give you a focused mind in studying, at work.
Tasks will be completed much faster and problems solved more efficiently.


Subliminal messages to increase focus:

  • I am focused and I concentrate easily

  • I complete projects easily

  • I always finish tasks

  • I concentrate easily

  • I focus automatically

Increase IQ

Your IQ is a precise indication of how well you process, analyze, and interpret information. This classical music will help you to increase your IQ and enhance your mental abilities.


Subliminal messages to increase IQ:

  • I am an intelligent person.

  • I have a high IQ.

  • I am very smart.

  • I quickly solve difficult problems.

  • I succeeded at IQ tests

Revision Aid Exam Success

Subliminal messages and healing frequencies will help you to improve study skills and sharpen your memory to recall information needed to pass exams.


Subliminal messages for revision aid exam success:

  • I am a great student.

  • I often study hard.

  • I pass exams easily.

  • I enjoy taking tests.

  • I study hard

The healing power of sound therapy paied programs

- Meditation session, which included the Chakras test and a psychological quiz.

- 2 WAV Files, one hour each, one with pure frequencies without music and the other with relaxing music.

- Subliminal affirmations using your voice, language and pronouncing.

- 5X audio subliminals with your voice for the maximum benefit.

100 USD

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