Tumors and cancers


From relaxation to reduced pain, the pure frequencies of sound healing can help people of all ages achieve better health and wellness.


There are two models of how to approach health and healing. 

  1. Allopathic Model – Focus on What is Wrong (though not all bad) 

  2. The Resonant Health Model – Focus on What is Right  


The Allopathic Model 
This model is the traditional medical model. It has two different approaches: 


  • Warfare Model - Seek and Destroy – Once you find what is wrong – kill, kill.  

This is the model for dealing with cancer and many other diseases. It is the approach for the majority of modern medicine.  If you can’t kill it with a drug, cut it out.  Surprisingly enough, this is also a common model used in Sound Healing.  There are many ways to use sounds to break up stuck energy, blockages and even to explode cells.When you find the natural resonant frequency of a cell and play its frequency (voice, instrument, or technology), you can feed the cell energy when playing the sound at lower volumes.  If you turn the volume up, you can explode the cells. Using ultrasound on kidney stones is the prime example, but many in the field have been exploring how to find the resonant frequency of a disease in order to then turn up the volume and ka-pooey – the cancer is gone – without affecting any of the surrounding cells that have a different resonant frequency.   However, the underlying problem that caused the cancer in the first place is still yet to be resolved.  And…the body doesn’t necessarily go for the warfare method. It is murderous. Some say that you can actually create karma  by destroying living things such as cells.    However, I must admit, if I had cancer I would be trying every possible technique I know with sound to destroy the cancer cells.  Bring on the big sound guns.  One of our previous instructors used sound on her breast cancer and the tumor has now been gone for over 7 years.   


  • Transformation Model – In this model we still focus on what is wrong,

but we then use sound and vibration to transform the offending cells or incoherent vibrations into more coherent vibrations. 

 There are two general approaches.  One is to match the vibration of the issue and then slowly transform that vibration into a more harmonious vibration. This is called the  “iso-principle,” where you lock onto the original vibration and slowly lead it into a 
different vibration.   
The second approach is to find the resonant frequency of a healthy cell or tissue and simply play that frequency back to the cell in order to vibrate it back into harmony.  
Nutri-Energetics does this with their technology.  They do an assessment to find where the problems are, and then they resonate the field back into harmony. 

The Resonant Health Model 

This is the new paradigm of healing.  In this model we don’t focus on what is wrong at all, but simply resonate what is right in a person.  People in the field approach this from a wide range of perspectives.  Some focus on resonating higher emotions such as gratitude, compassion, love and joy.  Some focus on resonating a person’s soul or signature frequency. Some resonate with direct connections to Spirit or the source.  


Some get more detailed and focus on resonating harmony in particular systems in the body.  For example, acupuncture is all about creating flow in the meridians.  


The elementals in Homeopathy (a small portion of the overall Homeopathy approach) are focused on resonating what is right and boosting that frequency.   

Any approach that focuses on relaxation, releasing stress, boosting the immune system or simply making people feel good in any way is used in this model. 

Many people believe this is the main medicine of the future – resonating more and more harmony so that issues and diseases simply fall away. 

This is a complementary or alternative treatment for the most common tumors, so play these files once a day as long as you take your medicines.


Play this file once a day for 3-6 months and re-scan your body.

However, we do believe in the power of the mind and believe that the right mindset is crucial to beating cancer – staying positive, visualizing your tumors leaving your body and focusing on the health you do have and aiming to magnify it – we believe this is vital and will HELP you to survive and recover.




Subliminal messages in this program:

  • I am letting go of my fear of cancer

  • I am alive and well

  • I live my life fully.

  • I am healthy

  • I am safe around those with cancer.

  • I am focused on being healthy.



  • In the early days of listening, if you feel uncomfortable with the sound of frequencies, lower the volume a little, do not worry, it will lead to the same results.

  • Drink a lot of water after sessions. Drinking water on an empty stomach is highly recommended for more effective results.

  • All audio files that we issue are only suitable for playback through

  • earphones, headphones or stereo speakers. Therefore, the mobile speaker is completely unsuitable for listening.


audio files in this program are not for listening, but for direct exposure to the patient's body, so make sure that the speakers used are attached to the body.

The healing power of sound therapy paied programs

- Meditation session, which includes the Chakras test and a psychological quiz.

- 2 WAV Files, one hour each, one with pure frequencies without music and the other with relaxing music.

- Subliminal affirmations using your voice, language and pronouncing.

- 5X audio subliminals with your voice for the maximum benefit.

100 USD

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